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Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Appenzell IR
Swiss Canton flag of Appenzell Innerhoden.
Price: $95.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Appenzell AR
Swiss Canton flag of Appenzell-Ausserhoden.
Price: $95.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Neuchatel
Swiss Canton flag of Neuchatel also called Neuenburg.
Price: $95.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Obwalden
Swiss Canton flag of Obwalden 
Price: $95.00
Fondue Set - Red Sierra Cast Iron
Contemporary styled 11-piece fondue set Can be used for meat or cheese and chocolate fondues by removing the spatter ring NOT AVAILABLE!
Price: $95.00
Treicheln Style Cow Bell - TR-006
Treicheln Style Cow Bell – TR-006 This bell does not come with a buckle on the strap.
Price: $94.95
Appenzeller Accent Belt
Traditional Swiss Appenzell leather belt with brass accents.    
Price: $89.95
Red Ceramic Cheese Fondue Pot
Red ceramic pan with a black interior. 2 qt. capacity.
Price: $89.95
Swiss Army Wool Jass Carpet
Perfect for the Stammtisch or a good time at home! The carpet has a leather-trimmed edge, a non-slip back and 2 metal rings for hanging. Can also be rolled for storage.  19.5” x 23.5”
Price: $89.00
Blue Edelweiss Cheese Fondue Pot
2.5 qt. blue ceramic pan with Edelweiss flower accents.
Price: $89.00
Black Edelweiss Cheese Fondue Pot
Black ceramic pan with Edelweiss flowers design. 2.5 qt. capacity. NOT AVAILABLE!
Price: $89.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Basel Stadt
Swiss Canton flag of Basel Stadt.
Price: $89.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Jura
Swiss Canton Flag of Jura
Price: $89.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Nidwalden
Swiss Canton Flag of Nidwalden   
Price: $89.00
Multifun Burner
Black metal frame with bamboo base and a paste burner. 8.5" square by 3.75"h.
Price: $89.00
Multifun Burner with Raclette Pans
Fondue burner with 2 raclette pans combination! This set consists of a black metal frame with a bamboo burner pad, 2 paste burners and 2 raclette pans.
Price: $89.00
Copper Meat Fondue Set
11 piece set includes a copper-plated 2-qt stainless pot with spatter guard, a sturdy black iron rechaud, paste burner, set of 6 forks and recipe card. Great for soups, chili and stews too. 8" x 8" x 8.4" size. OUT OF STOCK! 
Price: $89.00
Swiss Canton Outdoor Flags-Schwyz
Swiss Canton Flag of Schwyz.
Price: $85.00
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